Quentin R. Small Jr.

Developer and business entrepreneur. I am currently working toward my degrees in Computer Science and Business Management while creating a startup mobile and web development company called Q&A Development. Check out some of my projects at the bottom of the page.

Here's a copy of my Resume

Work Experience

Business Entrepreneur

North Dighton, MA
App Developer
Summer 2017 - Present
  • Created an app for Android and IPhone, “Jolly Dodger” (currently for sale on market)
  • Utilized Unity3D and C# programming to create this interactive game
  • Created a Windows App (UWP) for the Windows Store, “Numeric Binary and Hex Converter” (currently for sale)


Franklin, MA
Software Developer
Summer 2017
  • Designed and implemented Universal Windows applications for PCs and Windows IoT devices such as Raspberry Pis
  • Created resuable, responsive, and interactive applications for pressure sensing and controling using USB communication and Server-Client communication (TCP/IP)
  • Extensive use of C# with advanced threading and asynchronous programming techniques for faster, more-efficient programs

Security RI

North Providence, RI
Security IT Intern
Winter 2017
  • Design and Implementation of Network Infrastructure: set up of servers and cameras
  • Web Design and Maintenance: troubleshoot website, anticipate problems and fix bugs
  • Utilized excellent customer service skills in talking with residential, industrial and commercial clients to install, fix and support security systems

Undergraduate Teachers Assistant

Amherst, MA
Tutor, Undergrad TA
Winter 2017 - Spring 2017
  • Helped students understand low-level computer concepts in C programming with examples and projects
  • Lead Computer Science discussions and reinforce course material for 30 students

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium

Amherst, MA
Business Intern
Spring 2016 - Fall 2016
  • Conducted detailed supplier research for group purchasing contracts and created a written report for Powerpoint presentations
  • Digitized and updated important company documents in Excel, Publisher and Word

S&W Concrete

Rehoboth, MA
Concrete/Flat Worker
Summer 2015 & Summer 2016
  • Form, pour and finish concrete flat jobs such as basement floors, sidewalks and patios
  • Fix and maintain equipment on request


Dighton, MA
Summer 2011 - Fall 2015
  • Cut grass, spring/fall cleanup, gardening
  • Fix and maintain equipment regularly
  • Snow-plowing in the winter by contract

Current Projects

Numeric Binary and Hex Converter

UWP App that can convert decimals, binary numbers, or hex numbers into any of those forms. Supported by all x86, x64, and ARM devices including PCs, phones, tablets, and xbox. Available on the Windows store and opensource on GitHub.

Jolly Dodger

Jolly Dodger is a game that I created and is on the Google Play Store. I worked closely with a friend, Austin Trivett, to publish this game. It will soon be available on the Apple Store as well. Using Unity 3D and my C# programming knowledge, this game went from idea to reality and is currently generating revenue.